React Docs

Quick Start

Learn how to think in React with step-by-step explanations and interactive examples.

API Reference

Look up the API of React Hooks, and see their shape with color-coded signatures.

What is this site?

We are rewriting the React documentation with a few differences:

  • All explanations are written using Hooks rather than classes.
  • We’ve added interactive examples and visual diagrams.
  • Guides include challenges (with solutions!) to check your understanding.

This beta website contains the current draft of the new docs.

How much content is ready?

You can track our progress on GitHub.

How can I provide feedback?

Please use this GitHub issue or this anonymous form for high-level feedback. If you spot something that doesn’t make sense, please tell us! Additionally, each page has thumbs up/down buttons in the corner.

Will this site replace the main site?

We aim to switch this site to be the main one once we reach content parity with the existing React documentation. The old React website will be archived at a subdomain so you’ll still be able to access it. Old content links will redirect to the archived subdomain, which will have a notice about outdated content.